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Repairing Service

We at SERV-E-LEKTRONICS also provides Repairing Service to maintain your devices in their optimal states for the efficient and safe working. Our skilled team of professionals are capable to sort out any kind of problems related to the direct and alternating drive units to make them work properly. We only top quality products and latest tools during the repairing process. Repairing services provided by us offers extra life to your heavy electrical machines. Our service engineers have high experience in servicing which ensures safety and good protection for the machineries. 
Product Image (Delta HMI , 6AV6643-0CD01-1AX1)

HMI Repairing Service

Price: 10000 INR/Piece

Serv-e-Lektronics is one of the leading providers of industrial, electronics and robotic automation repairs and spares. 1. Established in 2014 2. Service Provision across PAN INDIA and across globe. 3. We invest and continuously develop within the market 4. Local and personal support for your business needs, whether its sole trader or a multinational company.

Product Image (SIMOREG DC DRIVE)

DC Drive

Price: 115000 INR/Piece

"Serv-e-Lektronics" is one of the leading Sales & Service providers of industrial PLC,VFD,DC Drive,HMI,AC Drive electronics Parts and robotic automation Series 6RA70 SIMOREG DC MASTER Base Drive. Series 6RA70 SIEMENS SIMOREG DC MASTER converters are characterized by their compact, space-saving construction. Their compact design makes them particularly easy to service and maintain since individual components are readily accessible. The electronics box contains the basic electronic circuitry as well as any supplementary option board. 6RA7013-6DV62 6RA7018-6DV626RA7025-6DV62 6RA7028-6DV62 6RA7031 6DV62 6RA7075-6DV62 6RA7078-6DV62 6RA7081-6DV62 6RA7085-6DV62 6RA7087-6DV62 6RA7091-6DV62 6RA70934DV62 6RA7095-4DV626RA7098-4DV62 Terminal expansion card (CUD2) 6RX1700-0AK00 6SE7090-0XX84-2FK0 AOP1 adapter for mounting AOP1 in cubicle door, including 5 m connecting cable 6SX7010-0AA00 PMU-OP1S connecting cable, 3m 6SX7010-0AB03 LBA Local bus adapter for the electronics box 6SE7090-0XX84-4HA0 ADB Adapter board 6SE7090-0XX84-0KA0 SBP Pulse encoder evaluation board 6SX7010-0FA00 EB1 Terminal expansion board 6SX7010-0KB00 EB2 Terminal expansion board 6SX7010-0FJ00 6SX7010-0FF05 CBC Communications board interface for CAN protocol 6SX7010-0FG006SX7010-0FK00 6DD1-842-0AA0 6DD1-842-0ABO Microprocessor board CUD1 (C98 043-A7001-L2) 6RY1703-0A 01 Power Interface board 1Q (85 to 575 VAC) (C98 043-A7002-L1) 6RY1703-0DA01 Power Interface board 4Q (85 to 575 VAC) (C98 043-A7002-L4) 6RY1703-0DA02 PMU Operator Panel (C98 043-A7005-L1 6RY1704-0AA00 Field Supply board (C98 043-A7014-L1 6RY1703-0CA03 Field Supply board (C98 043-A7014-L2 6RY1703-0CA01 Field Supply board (C98 043-A7004-L1) 6RY1703-0EA01 Field Supply board (C98 043-A7004-L3) 6RY1703-0EA03 Snubber board (C98 043-A7007-L4) 6RY1703-0FA04 Snubber board (C98 043-A7007-L6) 6RY1703-0FA11 Snubber board (C98 043-A7011-L6 6RY1703-0FA10 (C98 043-A7011-L1) 6RY1703-0FA06 C98 043-A7010-L2) 6RY1703-0CA04 C98 247-S1002-C25) 6RY1701-0AA04 (C98 043-A7001-L2),6RY1703-0A 01,Power Interface board 1Q (85 to 575 VAC) (C98 043-A7002-L1),6RY1703-0DA01,Power Interface board 4Q (85 to 575 VAC) (C98 043-A7002-L4),6RY1703-0DA02,PMU Operator Panel (C98 043-A7005-L1),6RY1704-0AA00,Field Supply board (C98 043-A7014-L1),6RY1703-0CA03,Field Supply board (C98 043-A7014-L2),6RY1703-0CA01,FieldSupply board (C98 043-A7004-L1),6RY1703-0EA01,Field Supply board (C98 043-A7004-L3),6RY1703-0EA03,Snubber board (C98 043-A7007-Snubberboard (C98 043-A7011-L6),L4),6RY1703-0FA04,Snubber board (C98 043-A7007-L6),6RY1703-0FA11,6RY1703-0FA10,Snubber boards (C98 043-A7011-L1,6RY1703-0FA06,Main Power Section Connector board (C98 043-A7010-L2),6RY1703-0CA04, C98043-A7001-L2,C98043-A7001-L2,6RY1703-0AA01


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